Our Philosophy

We are strongly driven by philosophy of creating a Safer and Environmentally Friendly culture, which is tailor made for specific organisation. We pride ourselves on building safety culture by adopting Behavior Based Safety Approach and Risk Based Approach.

Our focus is on creating a safety partnership between management and employees through behavior based safety.


Save people, property and planet for the customer, so they can prosper  better


To be passionate in anticipating and providing best experience that excites our customer.

Our Values

  1. Customer focus:We value  innovative and client-orientated behavior
  2. Excellence: We aim to achieve excellence in all the activities we perform.
  3. Transparency: We expect the highest level of ethical behavior and personal integrity in all our transactions
  4. Speed: We respond and provide solution to our client by speedy execution.

Meet the Influencer


Pravin Padgal


Pravin Padgal is a Safety Expert, having 33-years of rich industrial experience in the field of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHSS). He has worked for respected organizations in India in the field of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Automobile,  Synthetic fibers and Atomic research. He is also an IRCA approved lead Auditor for OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 & ISO 9001. He is Speaker, Trainer & Consultant in the field of EHSS.  He is an expert in building world class safety culture, which is based on leadership commitment and #BehaviorBasedSafety (BBS). He write blogs as SafetyPravin on various aspects of Safety.

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Let us build a safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable process that would reach new heights.

We believe in creating a Safer, Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Business Process

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