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#Behavior Based Safety #BBS is based on building Safety Culture in an Organization. Culture in simple words means group of people behaving in a particular manner. We can make out difference in Indian culture, Chinese culture, European culture and American culture. Aim of Behavior Based Safety is to build world class Safety Culture. Our efforts shall be to ensure that all the people in the organization make Safety as their top priority.

Our first step in #Behavior Based Safety program is to carry-out Safety Perception Survey. This survey helps to assess the state of safety across organization. “Safety” as used here includes both safety and occupational health. Survey report is completely kept confidential. They are combined with the answers of others and are not reported individually.

#Behavior Based Safety adopts Top-Down approach in building world class safety. This is because our natural tendency is to follow our parents or leaders or seniors. Our first step is to develop strong and visible leadership.  To achieve this, we use tools such as Safety Training, Coaching, Counseling and developing Personal Safety Action Plan for them.

#Behavior Based Safety program develops Integrated Safety Organization. Safety engagement at all levels is a key for developing Integrated Safety Organization. Safety engagement is achieved by interacting through various committees. We facilitate formation of Central Safety Committee, various other committees, prepare Charter, roles and responsibilities.

Our next step is to Build Safety Capability in the organization from Top Management through Middle Management, Front line Managers to the workmen. #Behavior Based Safety training of focused group and developing trainers within organization is part of this process.

We focus on creating an environment that encourages reporting and uses a safety incident as a learning opportunity. We develop capability in Incident investigation process by training and introducing near-miss capturing system. We define and implement a process to adopt global best practices in injury definitions, classification and tracking followed by skill up gradation.

We study organizational process to identify High Risk activities. Based on this study, we Institutionalize safety standards for high risk activities and build awareness related to these activities for enhanced risk perception.

Contractors impose major safety threat to the organization. We implement a rigorous Contractor Safety Management (CSM) system to allow the organization to partner with contractors who share organization’s value for safety and operational excellence.

To motivate employees in the organization we assist in developing Reward and Recognition tool.

Key success of #Behavior Based Safety program is to develop Safety Observations skills at all the levels. Because doing Safety Observation is the best way that you can get yourself and your people in the habit of thinking  all the time “How can I make sure that I or anybody else do not get hurt?” and then doing whatever it takes to prevent injuries. We also help in identifying Top-10 at Risk Behavior