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Traditional way of measuring #Safety Performance is like watching iceberg in the sea. What we see or measure is just a tip of iceberg above water level, which can be approximately 10%. We measure #Safety Performance like measuring a tip of iceberg, which is number of fatalities, lost time injuries, medical treatment cases, near miss incidents and first aid cases.

What lies below water level is almost 90%. This part should be measured and corrected over a period of time to improve Safety performance. Hence, the real measurement of Safety Performance is the portion below water level. This portion is number of unsafe actions and unsafe conditions by the employees.

Unsafe act: Unsafe Act is conduct that unnecessarily increases the likelihood of injury, violates established safety rules, or is contrary to expected conduct. Employees’ unsafe acts show poor safety attitudes and indicate a lack of proper safety training. An unsafe act Offers injury potential to the employee involved and may expose other people to injury. It could be a violation of either an established safety rule or procedure, or of an unwritten rule of common sense or good judgment. It may not have been previously recognized as presenting injury potential, and may violate no applicable existing rule or procedure.

Unsafe Condition: An unsafe condition is a condition, may be caused by the action or inaction of employees in an area that may lead to an incident or injury if uncorrected.  It may be caused by faulty design, incorrect fabrication or construction, or inadequate maintenance and subsequent deterioration.

Now we know that most of the unsafe conditions are a result of unsafe action of some person. That means 95% of this is unsafe action. If we can take care of unsafe actions then incidents resulting in to injures can be easily reduces.

That means Safety Performance Measurement has to be done in terms of unsafe actions of the employees. To measure number of unsafe actions and take actions to reduce unsafe actions, we have to implement #Behavior Based Safety #BBS program. For details check http://www.safetyenvironment.in/world-class-safetyculture-behavior-based-safety-bbs/

Apart from this #Safety Performance Measurement can be done in 3-ways.

  1. By Trailing Indicators – Fatalities, Lost time Injuries, Medical Treatment Cases, First Aid cases, Fire, Property Damage, Spills etc.
  2. By Current Indicators – Measuring out puts of #Behavior Based Safety Program (Safety observation findings), Incident investigation reporting and corrective actions, Attendance in Safety topic meetings.
  3. By Leading Indicators – Safety Trainings for employees/contractors, attendance, man hours done, Number of HIRA, Safety Inspections, Safety Audits both internal & external, Near Miss Reporting, Mock Drills, Industrial Hygiene Activities